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03 November 2008 (Happy Birthday ADAM ANT & LULU!!!)

I'll be back VERY soon-ish! Big news regarding the Discography and What Lucky Day does Next!!!

03 September 2008. APO & Sest 2CD Delayed until 20 October 2008

Also, I'm trying to sort out the biggest Discography EVER of Thompson Twins/Babble etc that anyone has EVER seen!

18 August 2008 TT re-issues. I will be coming back here soon with some details for what I had proposed to Dean and Sony/BMG. They would have been very different editions of the re-issues. Also, I'm going to mock up my ideas for the sleeve designs. Anyway, Edsel are going to continue to push out these re-issues and make loads of cash and leave a hole in my wallet - even if it's only so I can bitch about them!!!

Oh and Warners have gone cold on the Babble stuff and the post Arista Twins work. Maybe Edsel will drag these out for us too? I'll look forward to it - cautiously!!!

31st October 2007 APO and Set fell thru the net.

9th Sept 2007. TT will be re-issued in Spring 2008 but not on Sony/BMG or Demon (Who Re-hash the Greatest Hits on 24th September) - It's still early days but hopefully the first 2 albums will be out in March with Side Kicks and Gap to follow and the Future Days and Close to The Bone in Autumn.

Sony have plans for a Greatest Vids DVD for Next Year but, as always, Nothing is set in stone!
Come back soon for further info!

21st May 2007. All quiet on the Twins front...

22nd November 2006. Woah!! Where did the last 6 months go? Oh and just what happened to me?

It's going to be next year before any kind of Twins re-issue comes out - Delays happen.

9th June 2006 - It's now official! The re-issues are currently being compiled and hopefully we'll know soon what exactly Sony/BMG are going to let us do.

2nd June 2006 - Lucky Day website goes live!!!

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